Remember the CommonSenseZ!


As we stand on the threshold of this Millennium & before we step forward, perhaps we could pause for a moment to reflect on the Knowledge & Wisdom shared by the Ancients in cultures of the Past.

CommonSenseZ is defined as good sense or wisdom: knowledge that rises above culture, environment, law, religion and language. CommonSenseZ is recognized whenever we quote 'cliches' or 'sayings' such as 'Look Before you Leap!'

There is much wisdom with such, short but profound 'sayings' which despite differences in language continues to remind us that our Ancestors possessed Knowledge which is well worth Remembering!

Just as humankind has the five senses of sound, sight, taste, touch & smell, I believe that CommonSenseZ is humanities sixth sense which is handed down throughout the ages & is included in myths, fables & history...Knowledge of the Past reintroduces you to what you already know!

The Ancient's Wisdom is key to our Present, we possess an inbuilt desire to make 'Sense' of an issue, this is just the tip of the iceberg, Recognizing what we have in Common: Roots, Essence, Identity, Love, Law, Truth, Memory & God.

Then we can step towards the Future, Remembering what we already Know, surpassing what was once thought to be possible by Remembering CommonSenseZ! using a Rainbow, which has long represented Hope.

Each colour of the Rainbow reflects the Past, Present & Future as well as the Body, Mind & Soul.

Let's journey towards the Future that we design and create, Remembering CommonSenzes! which is Ancient & Contemporary, yet Familiar & Recognizable in its Simplicity & Truth!


RED - Roots/Rainbow/Ambience

ORANGE - Essence/Luna/Pleasure

YELLOW - Identity/Sola/Willpower

GREEN - Love/Law/Journal

BLUE - Truth/Tarot/7 Cards

INDIGO - Memory/Runes/Trust

WHITE/VIOLET - God/Reiki/Prayers & Signs



Mind, Body & Soul

Red speaks to us in the following ways:

Body: Skeleton, Skin, Pelvis, Hips & Base of Spine.

Mind: Self Preservation, Trust, Anger, Power, Assertiveness, Own Needs, Vitality & Physical Energy, Physical & Material Conditions, Stability, Security, Physical Plane.

Soul: Guides/Angels - Angel Camael. Red Dragon, Doors, Apples, Dogs & Snakes.

Day: Tuesday

Elements: Earth/North

Planet: Mars

Metal: Iron

Stones: Ruby & Garnet


Red reminds us that we & the rest of humankind have our Roots in Common.

We have evolved in much the same way; families have joined with other families & expanded into tribes, clans or communities.  As time passed each group instigated their own unique way of living & regulating behaviour, which led to their own unique culture, language & law.

Ancestors are our Roots, reaching backwards in time.

We also have our Bodies in common, scientists claim to have located a gene within women that is directly traceable to a single female.

The colour Red speaks to our Body, Health & Blood enhancing our Survival instincts.

We also shares Homes & the Planet Earth.

As we continue to evolve what we have in common must factor higher that what is different.

Red is "As Above, So Below" & "What goes around, comes around".

To Be Continued...

First published in 2004: revised in 2017.